Chumphon, Thailand
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Chumphon, Thailand
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The mainstream experience of Chumphon is a little visited coastal town, used as a transit point for catching ferries to popular islands in the Gulf of Thailand [Koh Tao, Koh Phangan and Samui]. However, rather than passing through it’s well worth spending a few days in this provincial capital.

Much less developed than the more famous nearby islands and significantly less expensive, Chumphon and the surrounding area has much to offer.

From Chumphon you can enjoy a mix of pure, untainted Thai culture, rivers and rainforest, endless beaches and coral reefs. And Chumphon National Park - a marine reserve consisting 40+ limestone islands sits just off the coast!

Local operators run a variety of adventure travel activities including kayaking tours, kitesurfing courses, cultural excursions and scuba diving and snorkeling tours. Stopping for a few days in Chumphon offers great opportunity for adventures away from the mass-tourism crowds.

The main urban area of Chumphon Town remains very Thai, and one of the major sources of revenue is the local fishing industry. As such, Chumphon Town a few restaurants worth checking out for excellent value seafood and fresh local produce.

How to get to Chumphon

Train: Chumphon railway station is located right in the center of town. This train line connects central and soutehrn Thailand, so there are daily express trains from the north (Bangkok) and south (Hat Yai, even Malaysia). If coming down from Bangkok to Chumphon, a good option is the overnight sleeper express train which is both reasonably priced and comfortable enough to get some rest en-route. See

Bus: Frequent buses connect Chumphon with all major towns in the surrounding area. There are two bus terminals in Chumphon. The main is about 10 km out of town, and buses from Bangkok and most other places will stop there. The other terminal is located in the town center, and buses go to and from Hat Yai/Phuket/Ranong only. In both directions they usually stop at the main terminal both coming and going.

Ferry: Chumphon is an important ferry pier, and is the one of the main access point for visiting Koh Tao, Koh Phangan and Samui. The most popular ferry company operating between Chumphon, Koh Tao, Phangan and Samui is Lomprayah Catmaran who run ferries tice daily. See

Chumphon Climate & Best Months to Visit

Like much of Thailand, Chumphon is a tropical location that has a relatively constant temperature. Chumphon will be between 26 and 29 Celsius pretty much year round.

What you should watch for is the rainy season, eachNovember, when monsoon season occurs, bringing heavy rain and strong winds. If you’d rather stay dry, visit between December and March or during summer when the average monthly rainfall is only a couple of inches.

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