Chiang Rai, Thailand
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Chiang Rai

Nestled enigmatically amongst wild, mountainous terrain; the relatively modest sized city of Chiang Rai is often considered the more laid back, less frenetic version of fellow northern city, Chiang Mai.

Situated near the ‘golden triangle’, the city is cited as a personable, charismatic gateway to the lands of Myanmar and Laos.

The northern province of Chiang Rai is home to many hill tribes, each with their own fascinating cultural practices and beliefs. There are many guided tours to visit these tribes and experience their unique way of life.

The area also boasts a wealth of mystical caves and excellent hiking through the mountains and national parks. Within the confines of the city, there are a number of richly decorated, visually arresting temples, several historical buildings, and bustling street markets abound.

Getting to Chiang Rai

There are a number of routes into the area. The quickest and most comfortable is by air, though the land routes offer a fantastic view of the Thai countryside as you journey to Chiang Rai.

Flights: Chiang Rai has its own domestic airport, with daily flights from Bangkok. The route is serviced by Thai Airways (, Air Asia ( and One-Two-Go(

Overland: The Green Bus line runs between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai ( and several buses run each day, taking around 3-4 hours one way.

Climate and Best Months to Visit Chiang Rai

In keeping with the rest of the country, Chiang Rai has a cool season (November to February), a hot season (March to May) and a rainy season (May to October). For the vast majority of the year, the temperature ranges between 20c and 30c. For those who don’t object to a bit of rain, the rainy season is a good time to visit, when crowds are less and prices are cheaper. In the cool season, be prepared to for cooler evenings, and pack a light jacket.

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