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ElephantsWorld: Day Visit (full day; 10am to 4pm)

  • Our main rule is that we work for the elephants, not the elephants for us.
  • Visit the ElephantsWorld sanctuary and experience amazing contact with the resident elephants.
  • Learn about their history and how the charity seeks to make a better life for them.
  • Collect and prepare food for the elephants
  • Feed the elephants and take a swim with them at bath-time.
  • Lunch is included and hot drinks are available throughout the day.
  • Bring bananas and make friends for life!

Elephant Sanctuary: description

The elephant is, of course, the symbol of Thailand. Visitors flock to see these gentle giants, marvelling at their size and eager to experience riding on their backs.

However, the reality for many of the elephants in Thailand is far less idyllic. Many elephants are used for illegal logging, leaving them battered and often abused, and other elephants suffer at the hands of ivory poachers. Not to mention the over-loaded elephants, carrying more tourists on their backs than they can handle, leaving them in considerable pain.

At ElephantWorld, Kanchanaburi the rescued elephants come first. They have old, ill, handicapped and abused elephants. The beautiful natural surroundings are a haven for these creatures, and our team of expert elephant keepers make sure that they are treated with the respect and love that they deserve.

Join us for a day that you will never forget, getting up close and personal with the elephants! You will be an honorary member of our team for the day, and will have the chance to feed the elephants, as well as gathering crops and preparing the special food for our more elderly residents. We will also join the elephants in their favourite activity; having a bath! Swim with the elephants and play with them in the water; and be prepared to get very wet!

Experience life with the elephants, learn about their tragic past and their optimistic future and be a part of something truly special in this unique, unforgettable visit to one of the country’s most pro-active elephant charities.

Adults: 2,500 baht
Children (Age 5-12): 1,200 baht


2,500 THB


1 Day

Offered by

ElephantsWorld Elephant Camp 1 Day Visit


086 3355 332


90/9 Moo 4
Baan Nong Hoi
Wangdong Kanchanaburi 71190

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