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Try diving in Chumphon, Thailand with a single day 2 dive experience
Discover scuba diving course in Chumphon, Thailand
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PADI Intro Dives in Chumphon, Thailand

  • Pick-up and drop-off at your hotel
  • Minimum age 10 years old
  • 1 day
  • Theory, shallow water skills and 2 dives
  • Includes all equipment rental
  • Small groups [Maximum 4 people]. Private classes available

Itinerary & Description

If you’ve never tried scuba diving before and want to give it a try, the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program is a one day introduction which gets you out exploring the tropical coral reefs and aquatic life of the Gulf of Thailand.

From our base on Chumphon’s scenic Thung Wualaen beach you’ll meet your instructor and begin with a bit of paperwork and a briefing about scuba diving. You’ll cover some basics including how increasing water pressure affects our body whilst underwater, how a set of scuba diving equipment works, and will discuss safe diving practices and procedures.

Next it’s time to get our scuba gear on. After the pre-dive checks are complete you’ll begin in very shallow water to build confidence. Your instructor will demonstrate several scuba diving skills including how to clear your mask and regulator which you’ll practice to familiarize yourself with using the scuba unit. You’ll also review a few simple signals to help us communicate underwater.

Then it’s time for the best bit. We’ll make an underwater tour exploring the surrounding area down to a maximum depth of 12M. We’ll be scuba diving around tropical coral reefs, checking out the colorful aquatic life and enjoying the sensation of weightlessness underwater. Typical dive time is around 30-45 minutes depending on air consumption.

We’ll then exit the water and rest and relax for a while, reviewing our first dive.

Then we get to enjoy a second dive, this time with no skills to practice. Likely you’ll become even more competent and relaxed underwater, appreciating even more of the aquatic realm surrounding us.

Typical species you have a chance to see during the dives include moray eels, colorful reef fish (such as rabbit fish and wrasses), shrimp, barracuda, trevally and brightly colored nudibranchs. You’ll be diving around a mix of corals such as staghorn coral, table corals, hard pore corals and more.

Chumphon is a much less visited dive destination than many of the more developed dive sites around Thailand and South East Asia, so making the Discover Scuba Diving course in Chumphon gives you the chance to get away from the crowds, seeing more marine life and less people!

If you enjoy the intro dive and want to continue this one day program can be credited towards the full PADI Open Water rating.



3500 THB


1 Day

Offered by

Wetcats Center Discover Scuba Diving


+66 (0)8 25 15 17 41


Wetcats Center, Thungwualaen Beach, Chumphon, Thailand

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