3 Day IKO Beginners Kitesurfing Course | Chumphon

Learn to kitesurf on Chumphon's beautiful Thung Wualaen beach
Chumphon kitesurfing course
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Chumphon Kitesurfing Course [3 days]

  • Max 2 students per instructor
  • Level 2 IKO certification included
  • Includes all equipment rental
  • Develop the techniques and confidence to get up on the board

Course Description

Wetcats kitesurfing center on Chumphon’s beautiful Thung Wualaen beach is the ideal place to learn kitesurfing. This 3km long stretch of beach offers plenty of space, with shallow depth and a predominantly on-shore breeze providing ideal conditions for kitesurfing training.

This three day beginners kitesurfing course follows IKO standards giving you the theory, skills and confidence to operate a kitesurfing rig. By the end of the three days the objective is that you’ll be able to get up on the board, using the kite to control your movement.

Kitesurfing courses are conducted with a maximum of two students per instructor to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment and to guarantee time is used effectively so you get the most out of the training.

Over the three days we’ll be focusing on:

  • Observing the weather, conditions and potential hazards for kitesurfing
  • Equipment configuration and rigging a four or five line kite
  • Pre-flight equipment checks
  • Safety equipment, in-flight signals and procedures and self-rescue
  • Kite flying skills [launching, landing, changing direction, untwisting lines whilst flying, emergency release]
  • Body dragging techniques
  • Self Launching
  • Board riding techniques, controlled stops & re-launching from deep water
  • Modifying equipment setup based on wind conditions



11,000 THB


3 Days

Offered by

Wetcats Center 3 Day IKO Kitesurfing Course


+66 (0)8 25 15 17 41


Wetcats Center, Thungwualaen Beach, Chumphon, Thailand

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