Rafting, Elephant Trekking & Hill-Tribe Tour | Chiang Rai

Rafting along Chiang Rai’s Mae Kok River with North Siam Exploring [Mr. Jermsak]
Chiang Rai rafting and elephant trekking tour with Jermsak
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Chiang Rai Rafting, Hill Tribe and Elephant Trekking 1 Day Tour

  • Full day tour from 08:30 till 17:00
  • 2 hours rafting on the Mae Kok River
  • 1 Hour Elephant Trekking
  • Visit hot springs, Lahu Hill Tribe and Limestone Cave Temple
  • Includes pickup from your hotel
  • Experienced tour guide
  • Lunch, fresh fruits, drinking water and cool towels are provided

Description and Itinerary

Esteemed Chiang Rai tour guide Mr. Jermsak (North Siam Exploring) offers a unique one day trip exploring the countryside and culture of Northern Thailand.

From your hotel we start with a fifteen minute drive to a Buddhist meditation cave situated across from Chiang Rai Beach.

Then continuing along the bank of the Mae Kok River our drive takes us to a rustic Karen Hill-Tribe Village. You’ll be able to explore the village and see Karen women producing handicraft items.

Next stop is a nearby elephant camp where you’ll get to enjoy a one hour elephant trek. The ride will take us around the hills above Chiang Rai, through bamboo jungle and across rice paddy fields.

Our drive then heads even higher into the hills where several tribes including Lahu people have settled to cultivate crops. We’ll explore these isolated hill-tribe villages and get to cross a traditional wooden suspension bridge along the way.

We then return to the river and board a bamboo raft for a 2-3 hour drift down the Mae Kok. Riding the raft along the river gives the opportunity to relax and enjoy spectacular mountain, jungle and river panoramas. As we drift along you’ll see village life along the riverbank as local people go about their daily activities. A chicken BBQ lunch is cooked and served aboard the raft.

As we travel down river we’ll stop off at a natural hot spring. You can take a dip in hot water if you want, (but might want to bring along a change of clothes for after).

After the rafting we’ll take a 45 minute drive up to a scenic waterfall and pool, before returning you back to your hotel.


2 People: 2,500 baht each
2-3 People: 2,000 baht per person
4-6 People: 1,600 baht per person


From 1,600 Baht


1 Day

Offered by

Mr. Jermsak [North Siam Explore] Rafting


+66 84 615 4459


North Siam Explore, Chiang Rai, Thailand

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