Half Day Elephant Care & Mahout Training Tour | Chiang Mai

Enjoy an elephant trek through the Thai jungle, and help Mahouts care for their elephants
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Panda Tour: Elephant Care & Mahout Training (half day)

  • Experience the life of a Mahout and learn how to care for an elephant.
  • Take a ride on the back of an elephant through the Thai jungle.
  • Lunch included and hotel transfers available at no extra cost.
  • Experienced, officially licensed tour guides.
  • Additional tour options available, including tiger handling, a visit to a hill tribe and white water rafting (extra charges apply).

Elephant Care Experience | Description

Explore the jungle of Chiang Mai and enjoy a magical experience as you learn the art of being an elephant trainer!

We will pick you up from your hotel to take you deep into the heart of the jungle to Tung La Korn village, home of the elephant camp. Here you will learn how to care for these huge, gentle creatures by seeing the experts at work. Watch as the elephant trainers (or Mahouts, as they are called in Thailand) demonstrate how to feed and wash the animals, and even teach you how to converse with the elephants in their own special language.

After familiarising yourself with your elephant, your mahout guides will show you how to ride one and control it safely, before embarking on a trek through the jungle. For many, this is the highlight of the trip, as you explore the breath-taking landscape whilst sitting high up on the back of your elephant; following the scenic river path and taking in the astonishing mountainous vistas that surround you. We then head to the river bank to wash the elephants; though be warned, you may end up getting every bit as wet as they do!

This enchanting experience encapsulates everything that is so special about this iconic animal, and is sure to be an experience you will never forget.

Please bring suitable clothing and footwear, plus swimwear and sun cream!

Half Day Tour Pricing

Adults: 1,800 baht
Children (under 10 years old): 1,200 baht

Private tours available @ 3,500 baht for adults & 2,000 baht for children


1,800 THB


Half Day

Offered by

Panda Tour Half Day Elephant Care & Mahout Training


053-418920 , 053-418921


Pandatour 127/5 Rajchapakinai Rd., T.Sripoom A.Muang,Chiang Mai,Thailand 50200

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