Full Day of Downhill Mountain Biking [Advanced] | Chiang Mai

Challenging downhill moutain biking routes around Chiang Rai province. Experienced riders only
Chiang Mai downhill mountain biking
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X-Biking: A Day of Downhill (full day)

  • Ride on one of the most exhilarating trails in North Thailand.
  • Option to ride as many times down the mountain as your stamina can take!
  • Select the trails that suit you; option for up to four trails in one day.
  • Moderate to Expert Riders only.
  • Great deal – one charge for all day riding.
  • Bike and equipment available for rent. [Bike rental from 700 - 1,300 baht per day]

Downhill Mountain Biking Program: Description

There is no better way to explore the heart of the Northern Thai jungles than speeding downhill on a mountain bike!

Let X-Biking Chiang Mai, one of the most experienced biking teams in Thailand, take you on an all-day adventure, racing through the mysterious forests of the region; up (and down) mountains and epic trails to see the country and experience an adrenalin rush like never before.

The flexible day experience gives you the opportunity to select which runs you want to undertake; so whether you want the thrill of riding the drops and log jumps of Chom View, or the technical challenge of the evocatively named ‘Hell Track’, there is sure to be a number of tracks to tempt you! Most are quite technical and require some level of experience, so if you are a complete beginner, please be aware this is probably not the experience for you. However, if you are confident on a bike, then few biking trails in Thailand can compete with these for excitement and pace.

We have a range of mountain bikes and safety gear available for those who don’t have their own, at an additional surcharge for the entire day. If you are looking for a chance to see the real Northern Thailand and to experience a day that challenges you both mentally and physically, then join X-Biking Chiang Mai for a fast-paced, thrilling day!


2,000 THB


Full Day

Offered by

X-Biking Day of Downhill Biking


+66 89 051 0015


X-Biking, 55/4 Sirithorn Road T. Changphuak, A.Mueng Chiang Mai 50300 Chiang Mai, Thailand

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