Chiang Mai Flight of the Gibbon Canopy Tour | Chiang Mai

Travel 5km of ziplines through the rainforest canopy outside Chiang Mai, Thailand
Canopy zipline adventure in Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Flight of the Gibbon – Thailand’s Zipline Canopy Tour (Chiang Mai)

  • Experience the life of a gibbon, on ziplines high above the canopy.
  • Travel 5km of Zipline leading through the Thai rainforest.
  • Expert Sky Ranger Guides with knowledge of the local wildlife.
  • Includes Thai meal and bottled water.
  • Air-conditioned shuttle van to and from Chiang Mai.


‘Monkey about’ in real style, on one of Thailand’s most exciting experiences!

If you have ever watched a gibbon, flying energetically from tree to tree, and wondered what it would be like, then this is the trip for you.

The ‘Flight of the Gibbon’ course, situated deep within the Thai jungle, yet only 55 minutes from Chiang Mai, is the perfect experience for those looking for adventure.

Expert guides are not only there to ensure your safety, but also to guide you through the journey as you race along the 5 kilometres of zipline, and to keep you informed about your surroundings, with their vast knowledge of the wildlife and vegetation. There is also the chance to trek to nearby Mae Kampong Falls, and the option of including a visit to the impressive Chiang Mai Zoo as an add-on to your trip.

Also included on the trip is a traditional Thai meal and bottled water, giving you the chance to relax and unwind a little after all the energy spent living the life of a monkey. Transfers to and from Chiang Mai are included, via a luxury air-conditioned bus.

Exploring the rainforest by foot is an epic adventure in itself. But for an escapade that goes beyond your wildest expectations, look no further. Make like a gibbon, swing and leap from tree to tree, and see the beautiful Thai wilderness in style!


3,299 THB


1 Day

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Treetop Asia Chiang Mai Canopy adventure


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Chiang Mai, Thailand

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