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Visit Samut Songkram, the 'Last Venice of Thailand', cruising the river and trying tasty Thai cuisine
Bangkok floating market food tour
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Bangkok Food Tours: Offbeat Floating Markets Food Tour (full day)

  • Experience Thailand’s world famous floating markets.
  • Enjoy over 14 samples of Thai cuisine.
  • Boat ride in a coconut village.
  • Relaxing Thai massage included.
  • Visit a temple enclosed in the roots of a banyan tree.
  • Visit one of the most unusual markets in the world, the Bangkok Train market.
  • Hotel transfers included.

Food Tour Description

Indulge the senses and experience traditional Thai life in this unique, unforgettable tour!

Bangkok Food Tours will pick you up from your hotel to transport you to Samut Songkram, known by many as the ‘last Venice of Thailand’. This intriguing area is home to the legendary Tha Kha Floating Market, where we can see the farmers trading their wares in the waters below.

We then board a boat to cruise slowly down the river, taking in the sights of the locals living by the canals, before visiting the coconut sugar makers; who not only demonstrate their craft, but also offer a variety of traditional Thai treats to sample, including roasted banana with a sweet dip, delicious palm-sugar juice and divinely sweet fresh fruit.

Bang Noi Market is our next stop, and we pause here for another gastronomic delight, enjoying a taste of the area’s celebrated fresh mackerel (we especially recommend the mackerel fried rice!). We also make a stop here for a luxurious Thai massage to ease out the muscles, leaving us fresh for the next part of our exploration.

After relaxation has been achieved, we visit the floating market at Amphawa; which is the ideal place to enjoy some traditional Thai snacks and sweets; such as Crispy Noodles with Tamarind Sauce, devilishly spicy fish cakes and delicious fruit ice creams; before heading to one of the most intriguing sights in Thailand; the ‘Train Market’; possibly the only market in the world to be situated on a train track! We also visit Bang Gung Temple, to experience Buddhist culture and take in the tranquil surroundings.

Tempt your taste-buds, delight your senses and join us for a food tour which is quite simply, completely unlike anything you will ever have experienced before.


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Full Day

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Bangkok Food Tours Floating Markets Food Tour




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