How to get from Bangkok Airport into the City Center?

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What’s the easiest way to get from Bangkok’s main international airport (Suvarnabhumi Airport) to the city center? & how much does the transfer cost?

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  • October 15, 2013

    Jump in a meter taxi at Bangkok airport

    Taxis are relatively inexpensive in Thailand, and generally hassle free. So after a long flight, loaded up with luggage in a new city I’d opt for a meter taxi to get into central Bangkok.

    Suvarnabhumi Airport has a taxi stand on level 1. As you come out of the arrivals gate just follow the signs, and go down one level using the escalator.

    Depending on where you are headed in Bangkok you’re normally looking at ~300 – 400 baht all in.

    The charge is the meter + 50 baht for the airport service. Plus if you use the elevated expressway (recommended to avoid traffic) you’ll usually need to pay the express way toll too (typically 45 – 60 baht depending where you are headed).

    Do make sure to use a taxi from the taxi rank, and make sure the driver uses the meter. This means you’ll avoid the possibility of getting overcharged. (Especially steer clear of any hecklers as you are exciting the airport, and make a b-line for the taxi stand)

  • October 15, 2013

    Use the Airport Link Rail Service

    Suvarnabhumi Airport has a rail link direct into the city center, terminating at Phaya Thai BTS (skytrain) station from where you can connect to many parts of Bangkok city center.

    Two services operate along the line; a city link which makes several stops along the way taking about 30 minutes to reach Phaya Thai BTS station, and an express link which is more direct taking only ~15 minutes.

    Train fares are currently 45 baht and 150 baht respectively.

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