Best way to get to Khao San Road from Bangkok Airport

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My flight lands at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi international airport. How do I get to Khao San Road?

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  • TrueVoyage Team
    October 15, 2013

    Option 1: Meter Taxi to Khao San Road

    Usually quickest and easiest way from Bangkok airport to Khao San Road is to jump in a taxi at the airport.

    If you use a meter the cost is very reasonable (about 300-400 baht all-in), for the ~35Km journey.
    (But do make sure you do get a meter taxi and they turn the meter on, to avoid getting extorted).

    There’s a public taxi rank on level 1 (so you need to go down one level from arrivals – just follow the signs).
    Ignore anyone asking you where you are going en-route, and head to the taxi rank counter and join the queue. (The queue usually moves very quickly).

    You’ll need to pay the meter, plus 50 baht surcharge (for the airport service), plus expressway charge (using the elevated expressway avoids traffic and can save you a lot of time for only a few baht extra).
    All in the fare should come in around 300-400 baht.

  • TrueVoyage Team
    October 15, 2013

    Bus from airport to Khao San Road?
    There used to be a public bus (AE2) from the airport to the Banglamphu area and Khao San Road, but it no longer runs.

    Although no doubt it’s possible to change buses several times and make it across the city to Khao San Rd, it would be quite arduous – especially after a long flight, with luggage in unfamiliar surroundings.

    Much better to opt for a taxi instead.

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